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Wing Yuen Tea House was established by Mr. Wong Man Yuen in 1920s.
There are two reasons that Mr. Wong Man Yuen established Wing Yuen Tea House. Firstly, Mr. Wong had born and grown up in the famous origin of Ti Kuan Yin, Fujing, Anxi, Xi-ping. Mr. Wong has fell in love with the tea and decided that he must be with tea forever since his childhood. Second reason is the most important motivation for establishing Wing Yuen tea House. Mr. Wong has a great goal in his life which is promoting Chinese Tea culture not only in China but in the world.

The purpose of Wing Yuen Tea is providing good quality tea for our customers to develop their loyalty and build a reputation. Moreover, Wing Yuen Tea House has followed the Mr. Wong’s ambition which is promoting the Chinese tea culture and history to the world especially on the advantages of health of drinking Chinese tea.

At the beginning of Wing Yuen Tea House, exporting and wholesaling are the area that we focused on, especially exporting many types of Chinese teas to Japan, France and worldwide. Wing Yuen Tea House has changed from a wholesaler to a retailer since the successful leadership of Mr. Wong Man Yuen. In addition, Wing Yuen Tea House has expanded to China, and has signed a long term contract and cooperation with many kinds of Chinese tea suppliers, that those could ensure the quality and the supply of the teas for our customers. In 2000, Wing Yuen Tea House has started to produce its own brand products for a longer expansion for the company.

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